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19 Diciembre, 2015

Santillana del Mar, one of the 7 Rural Wonders of Spain 2015

According to more than 13,200 votes collected in the poll to choose the Rural Wonder of the year, prepared by the Website Toprural, Santillana del Mar was chosen by fans of rural accommodation search engine as one of the 7 Wonders of Spain Rural 2015. Occupying the fourth possition, it has achieved nearly 5% of the votes of supporters of the users of the search engine.

Casa del ÁguilaThe search notes web page Santillana del Mar, although it is known as the town of three lies and it is neither holy, nor flat, nor has the sea, is one of the compulsory destinations north of Spain. It is beautiful, cozy, and in its vicinity is the Altamira Cave, can one ask for more ?.

This is the fourth year that the search for accommodation have asked users for their preferred destinations. On this occasion his supporters have chosen from 17 finalists destinations, including the Cantabrian town of Santillana del Mar, a town that offers visitors a wide variety of restaurants, showrooms, cultural events and lodging (Hotels, Apartments was Country Inns) among which we find the Posada Casa del Organista, rural accommodation in ideal location to visit and enjoy the beautiful medieval village, now converted into a small boutique hotel.

Source: Government of Cantabria News

  • Calle Los Hornos, Nº4
    Santillana del Mar 39330
  • +34 942 840 352
  • susanainfo@posadacasadelorganista.com