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10 Agosto, 2010

Cabárceno Park, a place to remember

One of the most attractive of Cantabria that we can find around Santillana del Mar is the natural park Cabárceno.

The nature park is Cabárceno differentiating point being formed by large enclosures that perfectly recreate the natural habitat of all species that we can find.

Cabárceno park, given its characteristics, we can observe the behavior of the species that live in a totally natural and organic, presenting an entirely different from any common zoo.

The displacement, given its length of about 20 km, is made by car on the road that crosses the park.

The park is suitable for enjoying a day on it: There are areas such as restaurants, recreational areas or cafeteria.

This experience is only 30 km from Santillana del Mar in the municipality of Cabárceno.

  • Calle Los Hornos, Nº4
    Santillana del Mar 39330
  • +34 942 840 352
  • susanainfo@posadacasadelorganista.com